Clear Eyebrow Ruler


Super Symmetrical eyebrows every time with one tool!

An eyebrow treatment needs attention to measurements before starting the actual process. It seems a challenging task, but many pieces of equipment are waiting for experts to pick them up to ease the brow procedures. For the calculated lines on the forehead of your clients, you can get our Clear Eyebrow Ruler.

It is a valuable tool that works exceptionally! So, measure with this ruler and mark with our Brow Mapping Pencil. Perform this before starting shaping, Microblading, or tattooing and get excellent final results.

Important Product Specifications:

  • It includes the printed guidelines.
  • It provides mapping suggestions.
  • Two rulers per sticker for both eyes.
  • The order contains 30 rulers.
  • Fantastic Non-slip backing.

Other tools that might be helpful for you are Lash and Eyebrow Comb, Brow Line Mapping String, and Micro Brushes.