Lash & Brow Cleanser



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Removing a client’s eye makeup is a crucial step before applying a lash tint or lifting service. Use this Beautiful Brows & Lashes makeup remover, the eye makeup remover for the best results.

  • Gentle

  • Effective

  • Prepares and cleans the lashes

  • Sets the lashes up for a perfect lash service

Invest in a quality makeup remover that is both gentle and effective before your next lash tinting or lifting service. Not only do clean lashes prepare them, but it also allows for a better end result!

Size: 30ml sample size or 100ml size.

Beautiful Brows & Lashes make Up Remover is for the modern color stylist. The lash and brow cleanser is a powerful but gentle formula That removes unwanted mascara and make up before you perform an eyelash lift / perm or tint.

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