Shop Brow, Lash, and Hair Growth

Shop Brow, Lash, and Hair Growth

As a beauty professional, much of what you do revolves around hair — cutting, coloring, styling, and taming. And, many of the treatments you provide — waxing, tinting, and lifting — while beautifying, aid in damaging hair. If your clients already have conditions that make their hair weak or they don’t treat their hair nicely between procedures, help them repair damaged hair and grow new, healthy hair.

At My Absolute Beauty, we carry a full line of hair growth products that help your clients grow thick eyelashes, eyebrows, and head hair. Fuller, longer, thicker hair in just 16 weeks is possible! Shop our entire hair growth product line today!

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  • Aftercare Pack

    Aftercare Pack

  • Bold Brows

    Beautiful Bold Brows

  • Beautiful Lash and Brow Enhancement Duo

    Beautiful Lash & Brow Enhancement Duo

  • Long Lashes and Bold Brows Product Display

    Beautiful Long Lashes & Bold Brow Display Duo

  • Long Lashes

    Beautiful Long Lashes- Eyelash Enhancer

  • Elleeplex ReGEN

    Elleeplex ReGEN

  • Elleevate Keratin Mascara
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    ELLEEVATE Keratin Mascara

  • Natural Hair Growth System

    Hero Hair