Best Microblading Training    

Training with and for My Absolute Beauty means that you will not only have the best products there are to offer, but you will also have a training platform to grow your business and your expertise in your field. Moreover our trainers are each recommended from educational heads within the company. They also receive continued education throughout their career. We strive to provide the best training experience at an affordable price.

Microblading products

At MAB we take immense pride in providing the best products available on the market for the microblading professional. These include the highest quality pigments, blades, applicators and all other accessories needed to further your business as a Microblading professional.

Microblading training Chicago

In our expansion across the USA, My Absolute Beauty is dedicated to bringing the best in training to Chicago, Illinois and develop our growing number of distributors within the state. With expert guidance, our distributors can quickly become the Microblading experts in their locality.

Microblading training Los Angeles

At My Absolute Beauty we dedicate to bring the best in products and training to L.A. We have searched and tested each product to build a reliable and lasting training service for Microblading professionals. We also take great pride in our products and back them fully.

Lash Lift Supplies

Our products are of the highest quality, we also test each new product very extensively before it is released to our professionals. Each system goes through multiple hands for review and critique. We take pride in providing the best the world has to offer. Since 1995 Elleebana continues to be world renowned for offering a tried and tested lash lifting system that is steps above the rest. This system is the fastest in the world with processing times on average of only 6 min. You and your client will know why Elleebana is number one, the first time you use it. Due to the concentrated power of Elleebana, we highly recommend training with this product.

Keratin Lash Lift Training

At My Absolute Beauty (MAB) we provide the best training experience at an affordable price. This allows the student to begin their career confidently and with the knowledge to be the lash lift expert in their chosen area.

Keratin lash lift kit

The Elleebana pro-Keratin kit comes with everything you need to start lifting your client’s lashes. Keratin strengthens, thickens and protects natural eyelashes. So it gives your clients an amazing result. Moreover when you combine it with our expert training, lifts eyelashes right from the roots making them longer and more beautiful than ever.

Lash lift Training Miami

We have taken these products and paired them with the industry top trainers in their field of expertise, to create the best in ongoing support and training in Florida, catered to each student’s needs.

Our training Models are online as well as in-person, creating a learning environment catered to your schedule. We issue training certificates that are backed by each product manufacturer making our system exclusive to the needs of cosmetologist and estheticians across the US