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Everybody worldwide knows Elleebana for its quality products and unmatched outcomes. When you are a Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift stylist and distributor, you can offer a superior experience to your clients. So become a certified stylist and distributor with the help of My Absolute Beauty!

  • Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift
  • Elleevate Boost Mascara
  • Elleeplex Keratin Boost Mascara

Elleebana has been widely recognized as the global industry leader in eyelash procedures and products. Australia and New Zealand’s best-kept secret is now available in the United States at My Absolute Beauty. Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift offers stunning results that provide your client with the results they deserve and will come back for over and over again. Elleebana does not simply distribute superior lash lift products but offers a full range of training and workshops. So this helps all certified Elleebana lash lift professionals to provide the most up-to-date services as the art of lash lift evolves. The lash lift product line includes Elleevate lash lift mascara. It is an everyday mascara that adds volume, curl, and keratin nourishment to lashes. The Elleeplex advanced gel recovery mascara helps to rehydrate lashes and optimize lash health to maintain shine and strength that is sure to garner attention.

Enhance Profitability and Keep Your Clients Happy

Elleebana is a name that is trusted by both the beauty professionals as well as their clients. Moreover, all of the One Shot Lash Lift products come in easy-to-use multi-dose bottles that allow you to provide more lash lifts without wasting product. Start with your training, find a seminar or workshop in your area or register for one of our online courses today! Elleevate your profession to the next level with Elleebana Lash Lift.