Brow & Lash Tint


Give Your Clients the Perfect Brows and Lashes


Belmacil is known in the beauty industry for its quality products and stunning finished products. When you are a certified Belmacil stylist and distributor, you can offer a superior experience to your clients. My Absolute Beauty provides everything you need to launch your beauty career!
  • 10 Amazing Lash and Brow Tint Colors
  • All Products Are Completely Mixable
  • Specialized Accessories Leave Nothing to Chance

Ditch the dull, ignite your imagination, and transform your client’s looks! Give your clients the eyelashes and brows they have always dreamed of! As a certified Belmacil stylist and distributor, your options become limitless. Belmacil is the leader in lash and brow tints and offers superior products in ten rich colors that will make your clients the objects of everyone’s desire! The 10 ml, multi-use tubes are fully mixable with all of Belmacil’s products to help you create unique colors for your clients and extend the life of your product. Saving product allows you to tint more brows and lashes between restocking and saves you and your clients money. Balmacil lash and brow tints are so easy to use and have a short application time, they are the perfect add-on service to a lash lift or microblading treatment.

Become a Belmacil Stylist and Retailer today!

With training from industry experts, you are sure to master the technique and skills required to execute flawless lashes and brows every time. Belmacil is a logo that beauty clients look for and a product they will return for. To get started, find a training or seminar in your area or register for our online training courses. At My Absolute Beauty, we ensure every one of your clients has the best lashes and brows that money can buy!

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