What’s the Best Training for Everlasting Brows Microblading Courses?


Microblading has become one of the most talked about, revolutionary semi-permanent makeup treatments for enhancing eyebrows! Beauty professionals are keen to learn this much sought-after treatment.

If you want access to the best products, while perfecting your skills to provide amazing results for your clients, professional advanced microblading training is essential.

So, where can you find the best microblading training course?

My Absolute Beauty provides cosmetologists with the tools and in-depth training to carry out Everlasting Brows microblading as a specialist service, supporting you to reach professional goals in offering the latest beauty treatments to your clients.

We believe in the finer details – not just in the quality of our products but through receiving expert training too.



We’ll help you build a successful business with our top microblading training classes. We will provide you  everything you need to offer expert microblading to clients. Receive training from top industry professionals, represent the Everlasting brand through your services, and have access to microblading products from our online shop.


When investing in any course, beauty professionals want to know they’re receiving the best products and training they can get. Luckily, we’ve searched and tested microblading products from around the world and are proud to be Everlasting microblading trainers and distributors in the USA. As well as your microblading training kit, use our online shop to top up your supplies.


Our trainers have the highest of standards, and their guidance will give you the confidence to carry out microblading equipped with everything you need for success – from products, knowledge, and certification, to ongoing microblading resources which we continually add to our site.

We live, breathe, and sleep gorgeous brows, and now you can pass the gift on to your clients!


If you’d like to enroll on one of our courses to become an expert microblader, you can easily do so through our online booking page or get in touch if you want to speak to one of our team about your needs, including our microblading training price list.



Everlasting Microblading Explained – A Beauty Art Form

Microblading is a skilled technique for providing semi-permanent eyebrows. A hand-held blade is used to draw ultra-fine lines in the superficial, upper skin layers, creating fuller, realistic brows which can last for up to 18 months (and are totally smudge-proof). A top up is required to restore the full look of the brow once it’s faded, meaning your clients will come back when you provide them with a great service. It’s more an art rather than just a skill, with each hair stoke being drawn individually to create perfectly defined, beautiful brows which complement the client’s face and style.


A skilled beauty technician will perform microblading with precision, achieving crisp and clean strokes which mimic the natural curves of the real eyebrow hairs. That said, it’s not just about giving the same treatment to everyone. Tailoring the right technique and products for your clients is essential for achieving the look they want, meeting individual needs, and advising on how to maximize results. Any pigment colors or tints applied should be appropriate for client skin tone, for example, and eyebrow shapes should frame facial features perfectly. Design unique eyebrows for every face.

Choosing to Learn with the Best Microblading Trainers in the USA

From the cost of microblading training to deciding where to train, there are many questions beauty professionals want to find out when choosing the right course for them.



Top microblading courses will aim to educate beauty professionals in a positive learning environment. From the Hollywood glamour of Los Angeles to the fashion districts of New York, a great course will offer their classes in various key locations across the country. While some look for microblading training online, there’s no substitute for hands-on practical training so that your skills can be perfect under the guidance of an expert.



The best trainers will have extensive experience in the beauty industry, using products and techniques which lead the way for excellence in microblading permanent makeup training. They can show you how to use the tools and microblading products you’ll actually be using on your clients, as well as providing you with the basic kit to start.


Course Content

The best microblading training will cover everything you’ll need to uphold safe and sterile procedures as well as promoting comfort and excellent results. This includes providing your clients with a consultation which keeps them fully informed about the process, healing, and how long results will last. Educating your clients will enhance their satisfaction while letting them know what to expect. There should also be a large practical element to the course, allowing you to gain skills which can’t be achieved by just watching a microblading training video.



When training in any beauty treatment, a student has their own learning needs. Trainers should provide appropriate support. Whether it’s learning to create perfectly matching eyebrows on each side of the face or achieving the most beautiful stoke techniques with the blade. Feedback is an important part of the process! So a good trainer will provide you with this so that you can carry out treatments to the highest of standards.


Training with My Absolute Beauty: Microblading Masterclasses

My Absolute Beauty has built a reputation for delivering outstanding resources for beauty professionals. From our cutting-edge techniques and online product shops to keeping up to date with the latest industry news and world-class courses, we’ve got it all, setting the bar for brow microblading training courses and products in the USA.


Our comprehensive courses across the country include microblading training in Chicago, LA, New York, and Miami. We provide you with the theory behind the treatment as well as the practical skills to offer the treatment to your clients. We’ll support you to provide high quality treatments which are safe, hygienic, and produce amazing results. This includes understanding which treatments are the most suitable for your client’s needs, the best techniques for carrying out microblading, color theory, equipment you’ll need, and aftercare advice. After you complete your training, we’ll issue you with a certificate backed by the product manufacturer, enhancing your credibility with clients.


We understand that each beauty professional is an individual with their own set of needs. So we choose trainers who’ll support you through your training with care, patience, feedback and the knowledge you need to succeed.


How to Enroll

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