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Partner with a beauty industry insider that always put your clients first!

When it comes to lash and brow services — if you’re in the industry, you’re doing them. But the question is, are they being done well? When you partner with My Absolute Beauty you get a company that trains the best in the industry while crafting the leading beauty products. Become a SPM Trainer!

Why Train With My Absolute Beauty?

  • Skilled and knowledgeable industry disruptors
  • Increase your revenue
  • Learn from beauty experts with years of experience
  • Dive into everything related to lash and brow services
  • Become an exclusive distributor
  • Partner with the best lash and brow company in the world

If you’re a licensed beauty professional seeking advanced skills and certifications to elevate your career, lash and brow training from My Absolute Beauty is here to support your goals! We’ve trained thousands of industry disruptors in lash and brow artistry and we’re here to advance your career. From lash sizes and diameters to drying techniques and proper sterilization protocols, you’ll have an extensive lash and brow knowledge base when you train with us! Learn more about our training, services, and distribution opportunities.

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