The Elleebana Lash Lift Artist of the Year award is a prestigious award that any beauty professional who performs lash lift should strive to win. At My Absolute Beauty, we are in the mindset that every client should receive award-worthy service so when it comes time to select your submission, you have a hard time picking the best! If you think that having Elleebana certification on your resume gives you a leg up on your competition, just wait until you’ve got the Lash Lift Artist of the Year designation. Your schedule will never be empty again! In today’s post, we are going to give you a rundown of how to enter the contest and what will help you win.

How to Win the Elleebana Gold Lash Lift Artist of the Year Award

Get certified.

Getting certified is not a prerequisite to entering the contest or winning the lash lift award. However, when you are trained and certified by the industry’s experts and become an authorized Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift beauty professional, you have the insight to what Elleebana judges are looking for. You’ll know the latest techniques and be able to see the difference between Elleebana and other lash lift products. Find an online lash lift training course or a course near you.

Pro tip: Find an in-person training near you and get to know the team behind it!

Select the right lash lift photo.

Yes, you can submit every lash lift before and after photo you have to increase your odds of winning. However, having 20 submissions does not mean that your 20 will make it to the finals. Rather than increasing the quantity of your submissions, take some time submitting the high-quality photos. For more information on how to perfect your before and after photos, read our article on the topic!

Keep in mind the judges want to see the lash lift, not what you can do with makeup, photoshop or Instagram filters. Keep your photos simple and clean. Avoid using borders or photo effects. While these features may enhance your selfie, they distract from your lash lift and can create the appearance that your lash lift finished product is not good enough so it requires a little photo editing help. Don’t ever let someone assume that!

Pro tip: Check out previous year’s winners to see what they did!

Get active on social media!

Because the Elleebana contest is held exclusively on Instagram, you’ll need to at least have an Instagram. In case you missed it, we recently published an article making a few suggestions about social media and the right and wrong ways to use it to promote your business. If you haven’t already, we suggest you take a minute to look it over.

For the People’s Choice award, the number of “likes” your photo receives is the number of votes it gets toward winning. So, the larger your following, the more votes you are likely to have. Grow your Instagram followers and promote yourself, your work, and Elleebana to increase your chances of being seen and making it to the top.

Pro tip: Don’t buy your followers, promote your work and lash lifts and earn them honestly.

Go for gold.

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, if you have perfected your lash lift technique and are giving all your clients submission-worthy lash lifts, you may have a difficult time deciding which one is best and which one to submit. Submit all your lash lifts! We recommend you take time on each submission, making sure it meets the requirements exactly and is a work of beautification you are proud of. Let your talents speak for themselves and light up Elleebana’s Instagram with your amazing lash lifts!

Pro tip: Follow all of the rules closely!

Why Do You Want to Win?

It is true that you can continue to perform expert-level lash lifts for your clients without recognition. But, when you become the Elleebana Global Lash Lift Artist of the Year, you get a trophy, money, and the distinction of being a beauty professional who’s a cut above! Check out last year’s contest page for more information and get started photo-documenting your work now!

At My Absolute Beauty, we are the United States’ largest authorized Elleebana distributor and training company. We offer online and in-person One Shot Lash Lift training courses, taught by industry experts, to set beauty professionals and their clients up for success. While we don’t train to meet contest requirements, all of our beauty professionals are fully capable of winning! Visit our online shop to find the products and training you need to get the job done beautifully.

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