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The Most Recognized in Semi-Permanent Makeup, Worldwide!

Above all, Elleebana is the industry leader in semi-permanent makeup — globally and lash experts around the world trust the “Brand of Choice”.

You can use Elleebana SPM as a client add-on or sold as a stand-alone product. Become a certified distributor today!

Elleebana SPM

  • Provides volume and length

  • Fast application time

  • Results for up to 4 weeks

  • Results for up to 12 weeks when combined with lash lift


Elleebana SPM

Elleebana SPM

Elleebana has been widely recognized as the industry’s leader in lash specialties. What Australia and New Zealand have known for more than two decades, My Absolute Beauty is excited to share with the beauty professionals in the United States.

Elleebana SPM is not simply a superior product, but an industry that provides state-of-the-art training with ever-evolving techniques to enhance the eyelashes of the world. SPM has superior quality, service, and a commitment to ongoing education and skill enhancement. So, when you invest in Elleebana SPM products, you invest in a company and product dedicated to your client’s health and beauty.

Elleebana SPM is a durable eyelash coating that is unmatched anywhere. You can apply this amazing product as a stand-alone mascara or used during a lash lift to provide results that last up to 12 weeks. Features include:

  • Formaldehyde-free;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Smudgeproof;
  • Waterproof;
  • Fast application time — 20 minutes.

Enhance Profitability and Make a Name For Yourself

Beauty professionals and their clients alike trust Elleebana. When you are a certified SPM professional or distributor, you will have loyal customers that trust your work. Moreover, all of our products are easy to mix with each other and come in multi-use bottles to ensure your product goes further and lasts longer, saving both you and your client money.

So get started with your training! Find a seminar or workshop near you or register for one of our online courses today!  

Elleebana SPM