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        Eyebrow Measuring Tape

        Create Symmetrical Eyebrows With Ease Using Our Eyebrow Measuring Tape The Eyebrow Measuring Tape is easy to use, just stick on and measure!  Works well with the following procedures: plucking,shaping,microblading and waxing to name a few.   Comes in a 30 pack of rulers Easy to use Clear easy stick tape Individual use

        Clear Eyebrow Ruler

        Create Perfect Symmetrical Eyebrows With The Clear Eyebrow Ruler The Clear Eyebrow Ruler works perfectly to measure and mark out your eyebrow shape before you begin shaping, microblading, or tattooing. You will easily make symmetrical measurements for vertical and horizontal positioning and proper length and size. Includes printed guidelines and mapping suggestions to create the best brow shape Works well with our brow mapping pencil Two rulers per sticker for both eyes Includes 30 rulers Non slip backing

        Brow Map And Pencil Duo

        Create The Perfect Shaped Brows With This Brow Map And Pencil Duo The Brow Map And Pencil Duo allows you to draw out your brows on your clients face in a symmetrical even style. The pencil includes a built in sharpener to keep your tool sharp! Mark and create guidelines for your clients brows Easy removal of markings on client face Built in sharpener