InLei® | Fashion Lash Serum for Eyelashes and Brows | Pack of 12 w/ Display


InLei® | Fashion Lash Serum for Eyelashes and Brows | Pack of 12 w/ Display

Product description

Suggested Retail per 1: $45-$85

InLei® Fashion Lash Serum - a high-quality solution for healthy lash and brow growth!

This serum deeply moisturizes the skin and hair, ensuring complete nourishment for a longer duration. It is perfect for lash and brow technicians to use in their services and offer to their clients. Lock in your lash lift with this amazing clear lash serum. 

InLei® Fashion Lash is the perfect complementary service aftercare. Use after a lash lift on clients then send them home with a product that will make their lashes thicker, softer, and luscious! Our technicians will increase the cost of their services to include a fashion lash on the service to continue the lash health of each customer. 

Our Fashion Lash Serum comes with:

  • One display
  • 12 pieces of Fashion Lash Serum in a cardboard display
  • A fold-out cardboard brochure with the listed product functions

But that's not all - our serum also has several benefits for your lashes and brows:

  • Brightens the lashes with the main ingredient "Luminescence"
  • Safe to use on sensitive eyes
  • Protects tinted brows in the summer
  • Moisturizes during the winter
  • Supports eyelash growth
  • Helps with discoloration
  • Made in Italy

Get nutritious lashes and brows with the regular use of our Fashion Lash Serum. Purchase now and see the results for yourself!

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Customer Reviews

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Great after care to condition brow and lashes. Clients love it ❤️

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