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InLei® semi-permanent lash and brow tint is the favorite of beauty professionals and clients alike! The shiny black color will add a richer depth. This lash and brow tint suits a wide variety of many skin types and hair tones. the InLei® brow tint shiny black lash and brow tint is for clients who desire the definition of thick eyelashes without the mess and clumps of using mascara.

Product features:

    • Semi-permanent — results last for 6 to 8 weeks

    • You can use it alone or mixed with other InLei® tint colors

    • Gentle formula

    • Easy to use, mix, and apply

Shiny Black InLei® Lash and Brow Tint features a gentle formula and a rich, creamy texture, making it easy for the beauty professional to apply without dripping or over-applying. InLei® semi-permanent lash and brow tint offers up to six to eight weeks of deep, vibrant color. The multi-use tube allows for up to 100 applications.

Consult the InLei Color Chart for blending and mixing tips.

Product specs:

    • Multi-use tube
    • 15ml — approximately 100 applications

Customer Reviews

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Marianne Ashby
RN esthetician

I am finding the recommended timings are long and over processed on of my clients, I will try to work with it and offer it free till I fiqure it out

Rachel Lovell

InLei® | Lash & Brow Tint | Shiny Black