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        New Protective Eye Guard

          Ultimate protection for your client’s eyes!  -- BBL protective eye guards provide the protection that your clients need against excess tint or when applying mascara. Used in combination with paper eye shields there is no better way of guarding your customer’s delicate under eye skin. The soft plastic surface is easy to hold and control while functioning as a palette for you to paint tint or product on with precision to guarantee even coating for a perfectly polished look. Product features:   Small and easy to hold;   Cleanable and reusable;   See-through plastic. For all of your client’s eyelash procedures, use this BBL protective eye guard. It is a must-have tool for every lash and brow professional. See also: SPM Wonder Wand Applicators | SPM Pre-Mixed

        Brow Henna Mixing Tool

        Perfectly Mixed Henna Every Time!  --When you are performing a Henna Brow tinting procedure, mixing the henna is one of the most important steps to conducting this procedure. If you do not properly mix the henna, it will not have the right consistency to apply smoothly and evenly to the eyebrow hair. If it is too thin, the skin underneath may become irritated, and if it is too thick, it will be clumpy and impossible to work with. This is where the brow henna mixing tool comes in! This battery operated mixing tool is hand-held and easy to use. It helps you to quickly and easily mix your henna blend to the right consistency. Product features: Battery-operated Compact Easy to use and clean *Batteries not included See also: Brow Henna Shampoo | Brow Henna pH Activator

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        Henna Mixing Tool Refills (10ct)

        Mixing Sticks 100% brand new and high quality -- The mixing stick is 100% brand new and high quality. It is must-have for artists. It is ideal for professional use and personal use. Also, it is suitable for tattoo inks, watercolor inks, paints, permanent makeup eyebrow inks, Henna pigments and other ink pigments. Moreover with it you reduce cross-contamination. The single-use mixing stick is clean and hygienic, which can effectively reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.

        Lash Bomb Sample Pack

        For A Very Limited Time Be The First To Get Your Hands On Our Lash Bomb Sample Pack Absolutely FREE! For a limited time you can find out why Lash Bomb is raved about by beauty professionals around the world. Test and sample Lash Bomb for free with this Lash Bomb Sample Pack.  *Sample pack cost is for shipping and handling. Contents: 1 x Step One 1 x Step Two 1 x Step Three 1 x Small Shields 1 x Medium Shields 1 x Large Shields Procedure Form Limited supplies available (1 Per Customer) NOTE: Lash Bomb is a 3 step system.  The 3rd step is a moisturizing step which removes lashes from shield and is crucial for lash health!

        Tint Mixing Cup

          Professionally prepare your client’s product.  -- Mixing and blending your tint products has never been easier! Every beauty professional who provides brow and lash treatments needs this dappen dish mixing cup in stock. The laboratory-grade glass is non-permeable and shatter-resistant. Not only do these features make it easy to create the perfect blend every time, but it also means that the mixing dishes can be disinfected and reused. Product benefits:   Laboratory-grade glass   Shatter-resistant   Sanitizable   Reusable These mixing cups hold the perfect amount of product so that you can complete your lash and brow treatment easily without worrying about spills. Professionally prepare your client’s product when you use the Brow Henna mixing cup.   See also: Clear Eyebrow Ruler | Henna Brow Application Brush & Comb - 2 pack

        Lash and Brow Brush and Comb

          Apply the professional way! -- Add a professional touch when you apply Lash Tint to your client’s lashes or brows. When you use the application brush and comb you won’t waste any of your product the way you would with other application tools. By applying the tint to the tip of your brush, you can accurately mix and apply an even portion of tint to eyelashes or brows — saving you time and product, which equals money. Product features:   Double sided — comb and brush;   Sable hair;   Easy to hold and maneuver;   Sanitizable for reuse. Lash and brow accessories are made with high-quality materials, every beauty professional can appreciate and every client finds comfortable

        Lash Lift Bib

          The beauty industry can be messy with all the products we're around — but we're here to help! -- Keep your clients safe and avoid getting dirty on your next brow tint or lash lift with this Lash Lift Bib! You can use it during lash lifting or any other services.   See also: Massage Table Cover | Kidney Dish

        Antimicrobial Disinfectant Spray

        Antimicrobial Disinfectant Spray  You have the skills, you have the right products, now give your clients the cleanest place to come to receive your services. Our Disinfectant Spray kills 99.998% of all viruses, bacteria, germs, and fungi.  No alcohol, acids or solvents  250ml / 1 Liter Bottle  Refillable  Kills 99.998% of unwanted germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria   Protects and Disinfects even the most delicate surfaces