InLei® | Brow Bomber Lamination (Sample Pack)


InLei® | Brow Bomber Lamination (Sample Pack)

Product description

Add volume to the brows with promoting growth

Have you ever wished for brows like supermodels in fashion shows and television? Many people love thick and dark eyebrows, but not everyone has fast growth and perfect shape. 

InLei® created the Brow Bomber Lamination with all the ingredients that promote growth and add the required volume to the brows. It is only for the professional implementations to the hair in the eyebrows. The complete treatment will result in thicker hair that will last longer.

Mind-blowing features:

  • The formula is scientifically proven.

  • It promotes thicker hair growth by 24% in only 3 treatment sessions.

  • Results in visibly fuller brows.

  • Abundant in nourishing ingredients like argan oil, marigold lipo extract, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • Contents: 1 sachet of 1.5ml of each solution: Lift 1, Lock 2, and Brow Bomber 3

  • It contains ingredients meant for skin protection

  • Made in Italy

Hurry! Choose the most selected option by many professionals for your clients. Also, simplify the treatments with items like InLei® Helper Tool and PureHenna® Brow Mapping Paste.


Do not experiment by combining different brands of products as this can lead to unpredictable results.

It is absolutely forbidden to use InLei® Brow Bomber product on eyelashes, as it can cause serious damage to the eyelash hair and surrounding area.

For professional use only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lada Gray Pooner
Thank you for the quality products!

I like the absolute quality of your professional presentation and the products variety!



Liliana Martinez

Very very good

Brittany Roy
Worth it!!

Definitely worth trying out. You will not be disappointed with the results!

Linh Huynh

InLei® | Brow Bomber Lamination | Sample Pack

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