How to Avoid Counterfeit Beauty Supply Distributors

Elleebana Direct Distributor

Welcome back to My Absolute Beauty’s blog. For our loyal customers and partners, you already know that we are the United State’s authorized distributor and trainer for Elleebana products including One Shot Lash Lift supplies and training, Belmacil Lash and Brow Tints products and training, and Brow Henna supplies and training. Our beauty experts and trainers work directly with the Australian mother company. They are the only authorized trainers for certification in the United States. Many beauty supply companies attempt to portray that they are as well. But there is only one and we are proud to be it!

As a loyal follower of our social media and posting outlets, you undoubtedly already also know that we spend a great deal of time offering advice to beauty professionals. We help you grow your beauty business and expand your service offerings. There are many companies out there looking to exploit the beauty industry. Also to swindle salons and beauty professionals out of their hard-earned money by claiming to offer supplies. Moreover, they claim to offer training that they are not authorized to do. In today’s post, we are going to take some time to offer you some advice on how to prevent falling victim to scams or frauds whose only interest is in your money.

Their products are available to anyone and at prices that just doesn’t seem right.

If you do a simple search engine query for “Elleebana lash lift supplies,” you’ll get pages of sites claiming to carry the products. You’ll see that some of the sites are generic mass stocked product sites and not legitimate beauty supply shops at all. How can you tell? Easy. Does the site look like an online flea market? Do they sell everything from Canadian hair extensions to Brazilian nail products and Elleebana keratin mascara? Do they offer training and certification on how to use the products? Before you add something to your cart, ensure the beauty supply shop is authorized to sell you the supplies.

Another telltale sign is the pricing

Does it seem too good to be true? It might be. Off batches, counterfeit product, exported product, and pieces of larger kits might be sold at cheap prices. But be careful, where this unauthorized product may save you in your pocketbook, you’ll also compromise on quality and therefore the precision and skill of the services you offer your clients may be compromised. There is nothing worse than expecting deep Auburn lash tint to end up with a copper-red finished product. Or a lash lift that falls flat after just a week.
On the other hand, a product that seems overpriced doesn’t necessarily mean that it is legitimate. Overpriced product may simply be someone reselling product for a profit. You can visit Elleebana Direct’s website to get an idea of what US pricing should look like. Or, you can visit My Absolute Beauty, the US’s authorized direct wholesale distributor.

Elleebana Direct Distributor

The site looks cheaply replicated.

There are several unauthorized online beauty supply shops out there who knowingly attempt to trick their customers into shopping with them by replicating My Absolute Beauty or Elleebana’s websites. If the online store is black and gold with blurry images and absent of logos or easy to navigate menus, chances are it is an unauthorized copy. Imitation is the highest form of flattery for those being copied, but can result in cheap imitations for those who are unfortunate to fall victim to their frauds. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of your beauty supply company, contact us at My Absolute Beauty. So as the only authorized Elleebana Direct Distributor in the US, we’ve got the insight into which companies are authorized to sell you the products. 

You don’t recognize the company.

This is not your first day on the job, and even if it is, you attended beauty school and would never purchase a product to perform a service that you are not trained in. If you’ve never heard of the beauty supply company, chances are that’s because there is no reason for you to. Trust the names you know and trust the distributors and trainers who are known to the global beauty community. If you don’t recognize a beauty supply company’s name, look into it suspiciously before blindly purchasing their products.

At My Absolute Beauty, we are the only authorized Elleebana Direct Distributor in the United States. We are the US’s training company and authorized distributor of certification and marketing products bearing the Elleebana trademark. So visit us online or contact us to get the correct information that you’re entitled to.

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