Elleebana Eyelash Adhesives – What You Should Know

Elleebana Eyelash Adhesives – Your Questions Answered

With the launch of Eleebana’s eyelash extensions in the US, My Absolute Beauty has had an overwhelming response! We are happy to see the excitement of our stylists who are beginning to use all of the new products that are available through

With the launch of these products came lots of questions, and we are here to answer! This blog will focus on the questions we have received about the newly released Elleebana eyelash extension adhesives.

My Absolute Beauty has received many questions regarding the curing time, humidity, temperature, shelf life, and aftercare for the eyelash adhesives that dropped on October 15th. There are great information and answers about all of these questions in this blog that we have compiled with the help of the Elleebana HQ team in Australia.

To get excellent clarity for our customer’s desires, we will be using the extensive knowledge of Otto & Zoe Mitter,Elleebana’s Managing Director and General Manager. This blog summarizes and refers to the article “Eyelash Extension Adhesives Explained” written by Zoe Mitter. Zoe’s article is loaded with great information regarding the adhesives, how they can be used, storage and working conditions. 

Optimal Temperature and Humidity

A large number of Elleebana lash adhesive customers are interested in the lash adhesive’s optimal temperature and humidity. Most adhesives enjoy a specific room temperature and environment to be manageable and work to their optimum capabilities – this is the nature of an adhesive. Having a room that has too much humidity can see the adhesive curing before you have managed to attach the lash thus resulting in poor retention.

Equally, if there is not enough humidity, your adhesive can become difficult to work with, setting too slowly, becoming stringy and creating what we refer to in the lash world as “stickies” – where your ratio of 1:1 changes and you have natural lashes adhered together. 

Elleebana adhesives enjoy the ideal humidity of 45-60% relative humidity and a room temperature of between 68-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Otto adds that the Elleebana adhesives are very versatile. You can still use it in higher temperatures and lower temperatures, you would just need to adjust the amount you use, as is the same with many adhesives, however adjusting your room to the ideal environments of humidity and temperature will help you get more efficient results, so having equipment such as a hygrometer, humidifier and reverse cycle air conditioning is going to help you be able to control your working environment so that you get optimal results when using the adhesive and maximize the extensions retention for your clients.

Shelf Life

Regarding the shelf life of the product: As these adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based products there is a short shelf life and even shorter after opening life as the adhesive begins to polymerize after exposure to air/moisture found in the air – this is a standard expectation for all lash extensions adhesives (regardless of the brand) as the technology and raw materials used to manufacture these products are fairly similar. 

All Elleebana adhesives have an optimal usage time of 6 weeks and up to 3 months if stored and cared for well after opening.

Proper Storage

To maximize the shelf life of Elleebana adhesives always store away from moisture, sunlight, and heat. Always make sure to seal the lid properly between uses. Storing your adhesive inside of an airtight container with the silica pack that can be found in each adhesive bag is recommended.

Elleebana advises to not store the adhesive in the fridge after opening – once the seal has been broken on the cap, condensation can form on the bottle and the reintroduction of the adhesive to room temperature from the cool environment of a refrigerator can result in moisture-curing the adhesive inside the bottle. You can, however, choose to store your adhesive in the fridge with a higher chill temperature than an average refrigerator.

Elleebana recommends that if you do choose to store your adhesive in a refrigerator, the temperature of that fridge should be within the range of 62-70 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the risk of condensation forming on the bottle. It is possible to store unopened adhesive in a freezer as long as you allow 4 hours to unthaw before opening. Once opened though, we recommend you do not store in the refrigerator.

Adhesive Consistency & Directions Before Use

Something that has our stylists surprised is the viscosity of the adhesives. Elleebana explains that this thin consistency aids to prevent overloading the lash line with unwanted or unnecessary quantities of adhesive. The quality of these adhesives is superior, due to the selection of exceptional raw materials chosen for the production, and only a small amount of product is required to do an excellent job. For a classic lash extension application, a very, very small bead at the end of the lash extension is all that is required for ideal attachment.

Because of the consistency, one of the most important steps you can take is to properly prepare your adhesive before use. Elleebana recommends that stylists shake the adhesive for at least one full minute before using it. By doing so, you will ensure that each drop you extract from the bottle has the perfect mix of ingredients. The best way to shake your adhesive is to remove the lid of the product and insert the stopper/pin provided with each adhesive before shaking – this stops any adhesive from building up in the lid of your bottle.


Incorporating new products into your supplies can be intimidating. Elleebana lash extension adhesives have many unique qualities that, if used correctly, can help you stand out from other lash technicians. While we are excited to help you begin drawing in more customers, we would like to stress the importance of patch testing each customer before you begin the use of these products.

Elleebana recommends a sensitivity patch test for new clients and any changes in adhesives. You may also like to re-patch test your clients again as their own medical and physical changes can occur and sensitivities can develop over time. Elleebana lash adhesives should not be used on clients with sensitivities to cyanoacrylate or black carbon pigments.

Curing Times & Aftercare

Elleebana’s adhesives are specially formulated to dry at speeds that best fit your technique. The Ultra Bond Adhesive sets in 3-5 seconds and the Ultra Super Adhesive sets in just 1-2 seconds. Both types of glue are 95% cured in under ten minutes with the remaining 5% curing over the following four hours.

Aftercare Procedures from Elleebana:

  • AVOID excess moisture and hydrogen for the first four hours after application  
  • DO NOT rub the lashes or eyes excessively, wear daywear mascaras or use an eyelash curler.  
  • DO NOT pick at your lashes in the first 24 hours and for the duration of the wear of your lash extensions.  
  • AVOID excess hot steam from the shower, saunas or kitchens  
  • AFTER THE FIRST 24 HOURS – cleansing of the eye area is important – ask your client to take care when washing and cleansing the eye area. Gently remove make-up with a suitable make-up remover without pulling or dragging at the lash extensions. Wash lashes each night and or morning.  
  • DO NOT use waterproof mascara, oil-based eyeliners, creams or lotions or strip lash glue as the ingredients in these products will dissolve the lash adhesive.  
  • AVOID oil-based make-up removers, cleansers, lotions or eye creams. These products will dissolve the eyelash-bonding agents or adhesives.  
  • TRY sleeping on your back so the side lashes are not crushed on your pillow at night.  
  • AVOID excess swimming in the ocean, which contains a lot of natural oils and salts which can affect the glue over time.  

Hungry For More Information?

We hope that in reading this blog, you have found the answer to many of your questions regarding the new Elleebana eyelash extension adhesives. While this blog included many quotes from Zoe Mitter’s article, it is in no way all-inclusive of the contents of the original article. We recommend that all stylists who have questions regarding the adhesives take a look at the original article to gain a stronger understanding of the products.

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