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My Absolute Beauty & Elleebana: A Look Behind the Curtain

My Absolute Beauty has been hard at work for years introducing and making Elleebana lash lifts number one in the United States. Watching our lash lift treatment grow into the most popular treatment in the nation was an exciting adventure. Now that My Absolute Beauty has reached its lash lifting goals, the time has come to set a new goal. And this time, the bar is set even higher.

At our HQ, we have established an all-hands-on-deck mentality. We have all banded together to launch our newest products, and we are excited to continue on in our journey. Deciding what to include in our new product line had been on My Absolute Beauty CEO, Jodi’s mind for a long time. The decision was made, the product was shipped to our warehouse, and the process behind successfully launching them began – And what a process it has been!

We’ve got the inside scoop on the burning questions that you all have: Why lash extensions? Why now? All of our trainers and stylists have been showing high enthusiasm for the launching of these products and we at My Absolute Beauty are more appreciative than we can express! 

For those who want an in-depth look into the behind the scenes decision-making process, this blog is for you. Keep reading to hear what Jodi had to say about the launching of Elleebana Eyelash Extensions in the USA, and her journey to deciding that now was the perfect time to introduce lash extensions to the line of Elleebana products offered through My Absolute Beauty.

Sneak-Peek Into My Absolute Beauty’s History

To begin, we will visit the history of Elleebana and My Absolute Beauty. These two companies have been working hand-in-hand to deliver superior beauty products to the United States for quite some time. What many people don’t think about, are the faces behind the companies. For My Absolute Beauty, that face is Jodi’s. The face behind Elleebana is none other than Otto Mitter.

Jodi’ s Interview

In an exclusive interview with Jodi, she recalled the journey that led up to today’s events. She begins by saying “In 2014, I was asked by Otto Mitter, the owner of Elleebana in Australia, to take on training and distribution for the USA.” Jodi recalls the fond memory, adding that “Otto grew up with his mom owning a beauty school and was always observing and learning the trade. He is not an owner in it for the money, but has always looked after his skill in science and taking on the next challenge to be the best in the beauty world.”

Jodi raves about Otto’s passion for the beauty industry, and his commitment to creating products that surpass the quality standards of others on the market. Jodi emphasizes the fact that unlike many companies out there, Otto is committed to not only supplying a wide range of beauty products but ensuring they are all held to the highest of quality standards. It is his love for the quality of his products that enables his brand to stand above the others.

To continue, Jodi says “My husband McKay and I also knew that Otto was a trustworthy and talented man that we knew we could work with closely. I had already been working with him selling another product and knew this from our history together.” A business friendship built from scratch helped Jodi decide for herself that Otto was a person with whom she would be willing to align her company and herself. 

Over time, Otto proved himself to be a consistently trustworthy partner. “I had been doing my research on lash lifts and saw that his product was the best from other colleagues in the world that were using it on their clients.” The loyal stylists from all around the world who swore by Elleebana’s lash lifting products were a determining factor for Jodi to want to make the products available in the United States.

A Lash Match Made in Heaven

Just like that, My Absolute Beauty began their adventure of building the company to become the number one supplier of lash lift supplies in the United States. Our partnership with Elleebana ensured that we would be distributing quality products that we had a firm testimony of. Our passion for the product drove us to number one in just 5 years. Salons all over the United States are now enjoying their access to Elleebana lash lifting products. 

Thanks to My Absolute Beauty, salon clients of the nation are now walking around with lashes that are lifted with high-quality ingredients by lash technicians who are certified to correctly and effectively use the products. 

Setting a New Goal

Through perseverance and a whole lot of work, My Absolute Beauty has accomplished its lash lifting goal! Like any good CEO would do, Jodi began wondering what her new goal for the company would be. That’s when the stars aligned for My Absolute Beauty and Elleebana to begin distributing premium quality eyelash extensions throughout the United States. 

“Within 5 years of now succeeding my ultimate dream of making Elleebana Lash Lifts #1 in the USA come true, I knew it was time to pick up Elleebana Eyelash Extensions.” Jodi’s decision to include lash extensions to the line of Elleebana products offered through My Absolute Beauty is one that will change lash salons across the nation forever.

It’s All About Timing

“Eyelash extensions have been around for over ten years! I was never interested in selling them. I knew that the market was hot for them… Everyone seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon.” For Jodi, the decision to steer away from offering lash extensions from the beginning has translated into massive success in the lash lifting industry – A level of achievement that we at My Absolute Beauty could only dream would be possible at the time it began. The success of Elleebana lash lifting supplies in the United States has sent the popularity and awareness of the treatment soaring through the roof! 

So what has changed? To put it simply: The timing. Timing is unquestionably everything when it comes to deciding which products to launch and promote. Had My Absolute Beauty jumped on the lash extension train too early, we would have lost momentum in the lash lifting industry by focusing our time elsewhere. By waiting until My Absolute Beauty had reached #1 in the lash lifting industry, we are helping to create a solid foundation for which to launch our lash extensions.

Catering to Quality

The decision to further My Absolute Beauty’s partnership with Elleebana was not a hard choice to make. According to Jodi, “My Absolute Beauty has been asked by multiple companies to carry their eyelash extensions line and even thought about creating their own.” Having multiple options on the table made lash extensions worth looking into. The temptation to create our own lashes was real. “But the game is about the science and quality of the product, which is Elleebana eyelash extensions.” 

Time and time again, Elleebana has proven to the beauty industry that they are dedicated to creating the highest quality supplies. Their line of eyelash extensions and accessories are no exception to the bar they have set. Knowing this, My Absolute Beauty decided that no other option was right for the company. We knew in our hearts that Elleebana eyelash extensions were the ones that we wanted to support and distribute.

Eyelash Extension Training Courses

My Absolute Beauty is thrilled to begin offering courses on Elleebana Eyelash Extensions. The importance of educating lash technicians on how to properly use Elleebana eyelash extension products cannot be overlooked. By continuously offering courses to better technique and awareness of Elleebana lash extensions, My Absolute Beauty will be able to see the same success and love for the products as we witnessed with the lash lift line of supplies.

Just as we did with our lash lifting courses, My Absolute Beauty will offer extended help in using the products to people who take advantage of the opportunity to take our training courses. Taking a training course through My Absolute Beauty does not end when the coursework is over. Our trainings make you a part of our family of stylists. 

Join our Lashing Family

A training course with us guarantees a web of our stylists and professionals will always be there for you if you have any questions regarding the application process or procedures. My Absolute Beauty loves watching our stylists thrive by having an ongoing chain of support and advice from the community of trained Elleebana lash professionals.

We are beyond excited to watch our stylists begin taking advantage of the courses we offer and to begin building our eyelash extension family. We hope that all our trainers and stylists will take part in the launch and the efforts to educate clients and stylists about the new products. We are grateful for the support that has gotten us to where we are today, and in the words of Jodi, we are excited to announce that “The next chapter is about to begin!”

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