Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions: Pros & Cons


Are you lusting after luxuriously long lashes? Do you wish that your lashes were flirtatiously full? Then you have probably looked into getting a lash treatment. Your journey to finding the solution to longer lashes has probably brought you to the doorstep of lash lifting or lash extension treatments. You’re not the only one either. According to Google’s Year in Search, lashes are trending! People all over the world are searching for topics such as: What is a lash lift? Are lash lifts bad for lashes? Eyelash Extensions, and Lash lifting or Extensions. 

Data from Google Trends for the term “lash lift” over 5 years. 

Data from Google Trends for the term “lash extensions” over 5 years. 


The recent uprise in lash popularity has lead to lash lift and extension treatments becoming two of the most popular beauty treatments offered at beauty salons. The burning question on everybody’s mind: Which lash treatment should I get, a lift or extensions? Lucky for you, this blog will be going over each treatment, explaining the difference between the two, summarizing the process, pointing out the pros and cons and helping you decide which treatment would be the best fit for you!


Lash Treatments Compared

While lash lifts and lash extensions are both designed to help the eyelashes appear fuller and longer, the two treatments are extremely different from one another. 

What are Lash Extensions?

During a lash extension treatment, a professional will bond individual lashes to your natural lash with the help of a medical-grade adhesive. The effect will be fuller, longer-looking lashes. 

What is a Lash Lift?

During a lash lifting treatment, a professional will apply a perming solution to the natural lashes. The result will be an enhancement in the curl and body of the natural lash, causing lashes to appear longer. 


Ultimately, the main difference between the two treatments is in the amount of drama you want in your lashes. 

Lash Lift Pros

So, what are the pros of a lash lift? To name a few:

  • Enhance your natural lashes, tame your unruly lashes and give them the lift they need to be seen 
  • No extra weight that can result in lashes falling out prematurely 
  • An excellent solution to your desire for perfectly curled and natural-looking lashes 
  • Will force your lashes into a visually appealing structure, eliminating the issue of lashes that tend to clump together or lashes that stick straight out 
  • Without a single product, your lashes will be perfectly curled and ready to rock the day 
  • Less associated irritations when compared to lash extensions 
  • Unlike lash extensions, lash lifts leave you free to continue the use of your skincare products without the fear of any oil they may contain causing your treatment to fade.
  • Less upkeep than extensions, with an average of 8-12 weeks before needing a touch-up


Lash Lift Cons

What’s not to love about lash lifts? While the pros of lash lifting are pretty enticing, some cons come along with the treatment. And just like any beauty treatment, lash lifts have their fair share of downsides. 

  • Some lashes may not take well to perming solution 
  • Possible that lashes will not hold the desired curl
  • Natural lashes can be too short for the treatment 


Seek a Professional Technician 

The main concern with a lash lift is making sure that if you do decide to get one, you get one from a qualified professional with a track record of performing successful lifts. The risks of an under-qualified person performing a lash lift are definitely not worth the cut in the price they may offer. Inexperienced lash lifters may leave the perming solution on the lashes for too long, causing damage to your lashes. They may also allow clients to return for the treatment too often, which will also result in lash damage. When it comes to choosing your lash lifting professional, be picky! Don’t risk your treatment ending on a sour note. Do your research to find a stylist who knows what they are doing, and does it well. 


At My Absolute Beauty, we recommend seeing an Elleebana trained lash lift professional. Elleebana’s lash lift training leaves professionals with a quality understanding of the risks of lash lifting and equips them with the knowledge they need to avoid them. Elleebana certified lash lifting professionals have learned the safest techniques, and are trained to use the highest quality materials for the treatment.

Lash Extension Pros

Now that we have laid out the pros and cons of lash lifting treatments, let’s do the same for lash extensions:

  • The most effective way to get the most dramatic-looking lashes
  • Won’t have to worry about applying mascara ever again
  • Lash extensions are completely customizable
  • Variety of lengths, thicknesses, and level of curl allow extensions to be used to create a wide variety of effects 

Your Extensions Can Meet Your Lash Goals

Before applying your lash extensions, a good professional will discuss your lash goals. Based on your goals, your lash professional will customize the perfect mix of lashes. Customizations can include the amount of volume you want to achieve, desired length, accentuation of your eye shape and color. Just imagine the confidence boost that lash extensions can provide for you!


Lash Extension Cons

What’s the downside? Just like with lash lifts, extensions have drawbacks as well: 

  • Take a significant amount of follow-up and daily care
  • Typically touched up every 2-6 weeks 
  • Extensions should not be worn with mascara unless specifically formulated to be used with extensions 
  •  Getting extensions could mean changing up your skincare routine 
  • You cannot use anything that contains oil in or around your eyes 
  • You may have to change is how aggressively you wipe your eye makeup off 
  • Rubbing your eyes will cause the adhesive to wear down more quickly, and can cause stress on your natural lashes to the point that they break off. 
  • Extensions are glued to your existing lashes and have the potential to be irritating 
  • Added weight of the lash extensions to your natural lash 


For Best Results, Seek a Professional Technician  

Just like with a lash lift, it is critical to find an experienced professional to apply your eyelash extensions. Inexperienced stylists may apply your lashes in such a way that the result looks clumpy. A skilled professional will take into account your natural lash strength when designing a plan for your lash extensions. Should the stylist be inexperienced, they may overestimate the strength of your natural lash. As a result, the lash extension may fall off and take your natural lash along with it. One of the most important parts of getting lash extensions is finding a qualified stylist to apply them for you. We here at My Absolute Beauty recommend you search for an Elleebana trained lash extension specialist. Professionals who are trained through Elleebana are trained to deploy techniques that will minimize the damage to natural lashes and extend the life of the lash extensions.


Can I Get a Lash Lift and Lash Extensions?

For those rebels out there, we know you are wondering: Can’t I just get both? The short answer is no. If you were to attempt to get both a lash lift and a lash extension treatment, the results would be less than desirable. After getting a lash lift, your natural lashes would be too curly to allow for an effective eyelash extension application. Sadly, in the world of lash extensions and lash lifting the choice must be either-or. 

How to Choose a Lash Treatment

Choosing between a lash lift or an eyelash extension treatment comes down to solidifying your lash goals and finding the treatment that best fits those goals. If you are searching for naturally beautiful lashes that leave a lasting impression, go for a lash lift. If you crave bold and lengthy lashes that pop, spring for eyelash extensions. You must take into consideration all of the pros and cons of both lash treatments before making a final decision. For some people, the simplicity of a lash lift is more desirable. The less upkeep, the better. For others, the little bit of extra daily effort for more dramatic results is entirely worth it. In the end, just be sure to choose whatever treatment you think will work best with your lifestyle and habits. Whatever your choice, we hope that you enjoy the results!


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